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The EJLPP Project Staff

Professor Kathleen M. Comerford, Department of History, Georgia Southern University: supervisor, photographer, project designer.  Contact:

Librarians run the world--and this project.  I would not be able to do this work without the help of the staff of Georgia Southern Libraries, particularly these two rock stars:

Ms. Jennifer Gerrald is the Institutional Repository Manager with Digital Commons@Georgia Southern, where she has worked at the Henderson Library (Statesboro campus) since 1992. The majority of her experience with libraries has been in providing online access to resources and collections.  Jennifer trains the interns who are creating the Digital Commons archive, and does most of our troubleshooting with that site.  Contact:

Mr. Jeff Mortimore serves as Discovery Services Librarian at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Jeff's current interests include the impact of library automation on the discovery-to-delivery process and its ramifications for scholarly communications practice (see more here).  Contact:

Baoxin Lau is a student in the BA history program with an interest in the early modern and premodern periods. In addition to interest, her opportunity to use and practice Spanish drew her to this project.  She will continue the work on women printers.  We thank the Department of History for funding Baoxin's work.

CURRENT Student Assistants and Interns

Hall of Fame: Our Past Student Assistants and Interns

Team Summer 2019

Sadie Ingram is a History major and Anthropology minor at Georgia Southern University (anticipated graduation: 2021). Sadie is a part of the Honors Program and the 2020-2021 President of the Pi Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, an honors historical society. She is interested in the American Civil War and the colonization of Africa and Latin America. Sadie’s proficiency in Spanish and interest in Public History and Latin America are what drew her to the European Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project. She worked on the Digital Commons archive and maintained the Instagram feed for summer 2020.  Sadie's energy and dedication means we are nearly at 100% finished uploading the existing photographic archive to Digital Commons!  Sadie, you did outstanding work this summer and really moved the project forward.  Thank you, and best wishes as you move on to the next chapter!

Team AY 2019-2020

Lauren Della Piazza Hartke completed her MA in Public History at Georgia Southern University in May, 2020. Her interests in Medieval and Early Modern religion and spirituality, as well as European public history, are what drew her to this project. She used her experience in Latin and her interest in early modern English history to continue the Digital Commons and social media sides of the project. We will be posting some of her findings in the coming weeks.  Lauren's work was the most detailed use of Digital Humanities skills to date, and has provided us with new insights into the database.  Thanks for all you've done, and best of luck to you in your future pursuits.

Rachel Oliver was our first paid intern (many thanks to the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs at Georgia Southern for approving her position!).  She is a history major with plans to go to law school at the University of Georgia.  She is on the fencing team at Georgia Southern.  Her work (Spring semester through early summer 2020) was part of our first exploration into the printers in the database: she assisted in building a biographical database of women printers.  We regret that the University's Research Symposium in April 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 and has not been rescheduled. You will still be able to learn about these women printers: check the Printers tab above for our current progress.  It will be updated periodically. Thanks, Rachel, and ORSSP, for the opportunity we had, which is making the work of women printers better known!  Good luck in the future.

Christopher Camp graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Africana Studies and Culture and Society and a Minor in History, with a focus primarily on Africana Studies, in May 2020. The internship (Fall 2019) was an opportunity to use his skills in Latin and love for History to explore and learn the use of Historical databases.  Chris concentrated on the global aspects of the collection, focusing his attention on books related to missionary activity outside Europe, and was responsible for many of the Instagram posts as well as multiple galleries on Digital Commons.  The project benefited from your work and your dry sense of humor.  Congratulations on graduating, thank you for your time and expertise, and best wishes for the next chapter.  The EJLPP is better for your involvement.

Team Summer 2019

Michael Sullivan (above, left) is a candidate for a BA in History and a BA in Philosophy at Georgia Southern University (2021). Michael completed his teaching assistantship in Spring 2019 in World Religions for the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department. Michael used his proficiency in Latin, Spanish, and ecclesiology for the European Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project. He is interested in the evolution and influence of Abrahamic religions on society and culture from ancient to modern history. 

Samantha Sanchez (above, middle) is also a history major, and she enjoys focusing on Pre-Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Americas. This focus is what drew her to Dr. Comerford’s Project.  She was interested in helping deliver the information Dr. Comerford has collected over the years to the public in the best manner, and was happy and excited to be working on this project.  Samantha spent her time working on the Digital Commons archive at Georgia Southern University, directly taking over from Jasmine Webb.

Nesha Wright (above, right) graduated with a BA in history from Georgia Southern University in May, 2020. She is interested in the Classical and Medieval eras, and was able to use her knowledge of Latin and interest in Public History to help with this project.  Nesha was summer 2019's student Public History expert.

The project benefited from the work of all these students--who also earned credit for their time and expertise.  Thanks for your time and for the work you put in, which has certainly improved the EJLPP.

Team AY 2018-2019

Rudy Bond, MA (2019) in Public History, Georgia Southern University (GA, 2018-2019).  Rudy was the first assistant on the project. She is interested in religion in Early Modern Europe and was able to use her skills in German and Greek to help with this project.  Rudy created the Flickr and Instagram sites and was responsible for the initial text associated with more than half of the images. Many thanks for being our first student assistant, and best of luck in the future!  We will use your handbook as we go along.

Jasmine Webb, BA (2019) in history, Georgia Southern University (Sp 2019). She was the first undergraduate intern and the second student to help with this project. She is interested in WW2 era studies, and among other contributions, used her fluency in the German language to help with this project. Jasmine is creating the archive for the project on Georgia Southern's Digital Commons site. Many thanks for the work you did, and for the instructions you left behind.  Best of luck to you!

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