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The EJLPP Project Staff and Contributors

Professor Kathleen M. Comerford, Department of History, Georgia Southern University: supervisor, main photographer, and project designer.  Contact:

Librarians run the world--and this project.  I would not be able to do this work without the help of the staff of Georgia Southern Libraries, particularly these rock stars:

Ms. Jennifer Gerrald is the Institutional Repository Manager with Digital Commons@Georgia Southern, where she has worked at the Henderson Library (Statesboro campus) since 1992. The majority of her experience with libraries has been in providing online access to resources and collections.  Jennifer trains the interns who are creating the Digital Commons archive, and does most of our troubleshooting with that site.  Contact:


Ms. Beth Burnett is the Institutional Repository Librarian & Assistant Head of Collection Services for the Georgia Southern University Libraries. Beth joined the faculty at Lane Library on the Armstrong Campus in Savannah in 2002. She has served in various roles supporting library collection management and access, including Assistant Technical Services Librarian and Head of Technical Services. Contact:

Current Student Assistants and Interns

Team AY 2021-2022

bio photo 2021.jpg

Donna Sanders is a third-year B.A. Honors History major at Georgia Southern University (Armstrong Campus).  She is a non-traditional student, returning to higher education after three decades in the private sector.  Her anticipated graduation date is the spring of 2023. She plans to attend graduate school.  Her interests center on women’s roles and impact on societal and political change throughout history.  Her professional background includes senior management of sales and marketing in the private sector and analytical and logistic work for the Federal Government.

She and her husband of twenty-three years have three daughters. In addition to her fulltime degree works, Donna manages their household as her spouse is often away serving in the U.S. Military.  Donna is also the sole fulltime care giver for her mother.  In her free time, Donna enjoys painting, researching her Scottish heritage and historical documentaries.

Donna's professional background is very helpful in continuing our attempts to interpret the data.  Look for her data visualizations by the end of the semester.

External Contributors

I.  Institutions:


Carolina Rediviva, the main library of the University of Uppsala. 


Photo by Dr. Mirko Junge - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Our first institutional partner was the University of Uppsala, who joined with an agreement signed in June, 2021.  Please be sure to read the July, 2021 blog post from Peter Sjökvist discussing the scope of their project to reconstruct the library from the former Jesuit College of Riga (Latvia).  UU Librarians and their partners are also working on the former Jesuit Colleges of Poznań and Braniewo (Poland).  It is a real honor to work with Professor Sjökvist and his colleague, Dr. Helena Backman.  You can learn more about Jesuit books in Uppsala in this article by Prof. Sjökvist, published in the Journal of Jesuit Studies in June 2019.

II. Individuals:

As of summer 2021, Michael Davies-Powell is a second-year PhD candidate at the University of Kent, undertaking a doctoral studentship attached to the United Kingdom's AHRC-funded Middling Culture project. Michael completed his BA in English Literature at the University of Sheffield and undertook his MA, which focussed on working with early printed books and manuscripts, at King’s College London in partnership with the British Library. His doctoral thesis explores narrative practices and the cultural lives of the middling sort in the maritime communities of early modern London.  He provided us with images of a series of books with Jesuit provenance that are found in the British Library.

We are very grateful to Michael, as well as to his research supervisors and to the AHRC for this support, offered as a service to scholars having difficulty reaching libraries and archives due to COVID-19.

Michael Davies-Powell.jpg

Hall of Fame: Our Past Student Assistants, Interns, and Librarians

Mr. Jeff Mortimore is Discovery Services Librarian at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, and was an early connection for the EJLPP; he crafted the CC License on our Digital Commons site and has also consulted on several issues. Jeff's current interests include the impact of library automation on the discovery-to-delivery process and its ramifications for scholarly communications practice (see more here).  Contact:

Team AY 2018-2019: "founding" assistants


Rudy Bond, MA (2019) in Public History, Georgia Southern University (GA, 2018-2019).  Rudy was the first assistant on the project. She is interested in religion in Early Modern Europe and was able to use her skills in German and Greek to help with this project.  Rudy created the Flickr and Instagram sites and was responsible for the initial text associated with more than half of the images. Many thanks for being our first student assistant, and best of luck in the future!  We will use your handbook as we go along.

Jasmine Webb.jpg

Jasmine Webb, BA (2019) in history, Georgia Southern University (Sp 2019). She was the first undergraduate intern and the second student to help with this project. She is interested in WW2 era studies, and among other contributions, used her fluency in the German language to help with this project. Jasmine is creating the archive for the project on Georgia Southern's Digital Commons site. Many thanks for the work you did, and for the instructions you left behind.  Best of luck to you!