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Team Summer 2019

Samantha Sanchez.JPG

Michael Sullivan (above, left) is a candidate for a BA in History and a BA in Philosophy at Georgia Southern University (2021). Michael completed his teaching assistantship in Spring 2019 in World Religions for the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department. Michael used his proficiency in Latin, Spanish, and ecclesiology for the European Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project. He is interested in the evolution and influence of Abrahamic religions on society and culture from ancient to modern history. 

Samantha Sanchez (above, middle) is also a history major, and she enjoys focusing on Pre-Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Americas. This focus is what drew her to Dr. Comerford’s Project.  She was interested in helping deliver the information Dr. Comerford has collected over the years to the public in the best manner, and was happy and excited to be working on this project.  Samantha spent her time working on the Digital Commons archive at Georgia Southern University, directly taking over from Jasmine Webb.

Nesha Wright (above, right) graduated with a BA in history from Georgia Southern University in May, 2020. She is interested in the Classical and Medieval eras, and was able to use her knowledge of Latin and interest in Public History to help with this project.  Nesha was summer 2019's student Public History expert.

The project benefited from the work of all these students--who also earned credit for their time and expertise.  Thanks for your time and for the work you put in, which has certainly improved the EJLPP.

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