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Team AY 2021-2022

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Donna Sanders is a third-year B.A. Honors History major at Georgia Southern University (Armstrong Campus).  She is a non-traditional student, returning to higher education after three decades in the private sector.  Her anticipated graduation date is the spring of 2023. She plans to attend graduate school.  Her interests center on women’s roles and impact on societal and political change throughout history.  Her professional background includes senior management of sales and marketing in the private sector and analytical and logistic work for the Federal Government.

She and her husband of twenty-three years have three daughters. In addition to her fulltime degree works, Donna manages their household as her spouse is often away serving in the U.S. Military.  Donna is also the sole fulltime care giver for her mother.  In her free time, Donna enjoys painting, researching her Scottish heritage and historical documentaries.

Donna's professional background is very helpful in continuing our attempts to interpret the data. 

We haven't finished the data visualizations she contributed to just yet--but that information is very important for our continuing work.  Thanks, Donna, for all the hours you put in on detailed work, and for the blog you contributed.

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