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Time flies!

It's been way too long since I posted any updates; my apologies. I have been hard at work with the spreadsheet, and interns Lauren and Chris have significantly expanded the number of photos available at our permanent digital repository ( ). I have been remiss in updating the files here, and I promise to get to that soon, but for now I want to mention a few things. The data set is now approaching 4,300 lines, and I've been working to clean up inconsistencies in subject categories, to identify missing printing information, and to fill in some biographical data. In addition, I've been catching up on reading a large cache or articles I've collected, and harvesting both titles and authors from those. This has changed a lot for me--not only because there are so many more entries, but because I have found books associated with libraries previously not represented, and because I have a broader list of subjects, including more on global issues (travel narratives, histories of non-European countries, etc.). Because we're now at mid-term, it's going to take a bit of time for me to analyze the new data, but I'm very eager to get started and to report on it all to you. Stay tuned!


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