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So Many Printers! (10/10/2023)

Apologies for the lengthy silence--again. I started doing something I thought was a small task (updating the list of printers, since I've added several hundred new lines to the full EJLPP list), and now, three months later, I've completed it. You can now find the list of printers in the full database at the Printers tab. I have included the names of all the women (wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, stepdaughters, etc.) who I feel fairly confident had some job in the print shops. Some were actually in charge of the print shops.

This work was made possible not only by my dogged determination, but by that of several students over the years whom I've introduced you to (see the brief bios at the About Us tab, and don't forget to go back to prior years). We are still working on inputting the information so that we can analyze the networks, but this takes time. We have identified are over 2,200 individual names of printworkers working between the invention of movable type in Europe and the suppression of the Society of Jesus; we know that there were thousands more, but we are focusing our attention on books which were once owned by Jesuit institutions in Europe. My students have written some short bios of women working in Spain and France, and have entered the basic information about life and work into RootsMagic, a family tree program which helps us visualize the data, of women working in Spain; I've done some input for the Low Countries, and a student is currently working on the Holy Roman Empire. We have found many more connections than the existing biographical dictionaries made, and expect to be able to create maps, work network plots, family network plots, and other forms of data viz. Stay tuned!


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