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So. Many. New. Entries. (3/3/2019)

I have promised myself to upload a revision at least once a month for now, but in January I did two. This was not to be for February, and not just because it's the shortest month. It's because I have spent a long time (I am still spending a long time) fixing something: looking for other versions on line. While in libraries, I tend not to look through Google Books, Hathitrust,, and other sources because my time is limited; sometimes I can manage it while waiting for a new request to be fulfilled. Well, I dropped the ball a long way on this one, and put figured I'd get to the task eventually--but I wasn't keeping track of how many I needed to follow up on. After tending to some other issues, like filing in basic biographical info on authors, I went to the next task--and to my shock, I had something like 1,200 entries (out of about 2,600) which I needed to cross-check. As of Sunday, 3/3/2019, I have managed to get that below 750--and expanded the number of entries to nearly 3,000! This has taken up the time I would normally have used to set up the public version of the database. I'm posting it now without much just brief comment--I am pleased at the new entries I've found, which includes books from a few institutions not formerly represented, and which expands the coverage, particularly in Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and Eastern Europe. The "big ones" (Rome, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Messina, Naples, Lyon, Augsburg, Prague) are still the most frequently represented ones, but this time around you'll also be able to find Sigüenza, Heiligenstadt, Pistoia, Oropesa, Carpi, Halberstadt, Almonacid, Łódź, Watten, Alcaraz, and Pozsony. Later this month (3/18), Rudy and I are going to make a presentation of our progress on the EJLPP at Emory University. We'll post photos. If you're in Atlanta on the 18th, please join us--for further information, use the Contact Us menu option or email me at


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