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Neverending Story

I've seen so many pieces about slowing down, and stopping the pursuit of "busy," but I'm a workaholic; I admit it. In the ongoing semester, I've been engaged in multiple different projects, and while I sometimes feel totally overwhelmed, I can't convince myself to close one off, so I keep going.

I'm happy to say that, despite being pulled in different directions, I've finished integrating the data which Elisa Frei shared with me; see her guest post "Books on Asia as Sources for Jesuit Missionary Vocation" from January 11. The new spreadsheet is now available for downloading (as always, on the page The Data). I'm always grateful to anyone who points out issues or errors. I've also met with a prospective intern for the coming months, and have been given permission to hire a research assistant for the coming academic year to continue the investigation into women printers. I'm really excited about both developments.

So while I've always known that I'll never finish this project--I'm now up to over 6,300 entries, and I still have data from Barcelona to process before I move on to other sources--that doesn't mean I'm discouraged! As long as I continue to find this interesting, I'm going to keep tracking down titles, interpreting the data, and writing about the EJLPP. I hope you'll stick around for the ride!


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