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Knowing what I'm doing (November 27, 2020)

Somehow, every time I think I have a grip on what I'm going, 2020 reminds me that life is full of hiccups. I thought I had a handle on time management a while ago, and the next thing I knew, it was late November.

I've tried to keep myself sane in many ways this semester, including working on the EJLPP, and I've just now edited a new version of the spreadsheet (this time I will, in fact, upload it!). You'll note that it's now got over 5,200 lines. Working on the printed catalogues, along with the manuscript ones I hadn't yet completed transcribing, provides a bit of zen for me: it's necessary and time-consuming work which occupies my attention, but it doesn't require emotional investment or consideration of philosophical issues. This is a welcome break in an exhausting year.

I hope that you'll find the additions of interest, and as always I welcome feedback. There is so much more information here than I could ever process. One article based on the project is coming out soon: see my chapter in Embodiment, Identity, and Gender in the Early Modern Age, coming next month. I'm working on a few other things too, but the COVID crisis means I haven't written much (because of conference cancellations). That will be changing soon, as I'm looking at a couple of looming deadlines!

I hope that you all enjoy your winter holidays, and that you'll contact me with any comments or questions. I miss the interaction of the pre-COVID days, so you'll probably get a response more quickly that in the past! But please don't blame me for the blog settings. I've tried to fix them so that this is more readable, and this is the best I can figure at this point. Now, if you have suggestions for making it better based on your Wix experience, I'd be glad to hear it!


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