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I've reached a milestone (7/27/2019)

Hello out there--it's been a while, but I have been busy at work. I have at last finished all the cross-checking for existing entries, and while much work remains (subject fields, some author info, some geographical info, etc., etc.), this is a milestone. At one point, for almost half of the entries, I had noted that I needed to check for online versions. Now, at last, I've finished that, bringing the total number of entries up to almost 3,960.

That, by the way, includes over 200 new titles found during my time in Barcelona. I didn't add much in Florence or Washington, DC, but I did add a few more. I have a pile of new entries to get to, and I will, but I promised myself I'd finish this part first--and that I'd never again say "I'll find the online version later" unless I was in a library or archive without internet access!

The new titles cover a broad range of subject fields, and come from a few institutions not represented in the database before (for example, the college in Cervera, roughly midway between Lleda and Manresa in Catalonia). I found a few new authors, too, and some new publishers. At some point, I'll be able to investigate them. My summer interns did some work on the authors in an earlier version of the database, and have posted a few new photos on Instagram, which I hope you'll visit.

We all know that the addition of new data means the addition of new errors, and so if you find any issues while perusing the latest spreadsheet, please let me know at Next month, I'll introduce you to the new graduate student intern and update you on other progress.


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