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Happy Holidays: The Gift of More Information

Well, it's been another busy year. And now that the exams are graded and the holiday plans are made, it's time for an update.

First: I've finished processing all the relevant titles provided to me generously by our partners at CRAI Biblioteca de Fons Antic in Barcelona, and you can find them in the now-updated file in the usual place (on the databases page, at #4 under "Data"). Between those titles, the copies I found scanned and catalogued in libraries, and a few other sources of information I stumbled across in my travels (armchair and otherwise) in 2022, the EJLPP is now 1,266 entries longer than it was in 2022!

Second: Although my summer research activities were curtailed by COVID, I completed Jesuit Libraries, vol. 11 of Brill's Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies. It's available via Open Access.

Third: My research assistant Mady and I have made huge progress on the women printers! She will continue to work for me in the spring semester, and we'll be updating the printers pages with a great deal of information soon. We have greatly expanded the biographical material, and are working on mapping out the network connections so that we can analyze them.

So happy holidays to all, and thanks for your continued interest!


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