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Coming up on 8,000 titles!

Happy New Year to you all. 2023 was a productive year for the EJLPP, as we had terrific students working hard on the women printworkers issue while I was still collecting titles. In fact, today I uploaded the latest spreadsheet, which has 7,942 titles in it. Please note the usual caveats: there are certainly mistakes, but I'm doing my best to minimize them, and if anyone points out an issue, I'll work on it ASAP. There are also certainly some judgment calls that others will disagree with, like subjects, spellings of names, geographical distinctions, and I'm more than willing to talk about a different perspective. I didn't make any of those decisions lightly, but I also don't think that they are unquestionably the best decisions. Finally, this continues to be a work in progress, and I'm slowly making my way through both a manuscript inventory and a list of books recently sent to me by someone who is writing the next guest post (stay tuned)--a friend of the project whom I met through a recent conference.

Thanks for your support and your interest, and let me know how you are using these data. I have from the beginning wanted this to be open to the scholarly community, not exclusively available to me, and I'm sure that you have many ideas on what can be learned from all this information.


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