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A few corrections and a bit of progress (7/12/2022)

If you've read this blog before, you'll note that I always ask people to send me any concerns or corrections, and thanks to our partners at the University of Barcelona (in particular, Neus Anna Verger Arce), along with some time on my hands, I have identified and corrected a number of mistakes. I have no doubt that more remain, of course, so please send me any others you find. I've also added many new lines. The spreadsheet now contains over 6,900 items.

I had time on my hands because, yes, I am recovering from CoVid-19. I'm vaccinated and 2x boosted, and I wear a mask in most places still, but I always knew I wouldn't be able to avoid it forever. I'm happy to say that it's been a mild case, and that I had access to the anti-viral treatment Paxlovid. Here's hoping I don't experience the rebound. Anyway, data entry and/or cleanup isn't especially taxing work, so it's been a good thing to do while I recuperate; I have been listening to podcasts or audiobooks and making progress.

Stay healthy, everyone. Even a mild case hasn't been fun (it's exhausting, actually), and the new variants spread very quickly and effectively.


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