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That's the current total of entries in the EJLPP. I honestly never thought I'd get this far. I remember saying, once or twice, I'll reach XXXX and stop--but I'm glad I never did.

It's a little counter-intuitive to take stock at such a number, but as my husband the physicist often points out, there's nothing really magical about zeros or fives: they seem natural stopping or pausing points because our bodies lead us to rely on base 10, but it's arbitrary in other ways. So I am taking stock after a different milestone. I've now gone halfway through the titles shared with me by CRAI Biblioteca de Reserva in Barcelona and fully through those tracked down by Michael Davies-Powell in London; I have a long list still (almost 700) for Barcelona and a new list from Elisa Frei from Mainz. Over the last two years, during COVID times, I've managed to keep this growing and increasingly international, with cooperation from Uppsala University and a group of contacts in Riga. I'm very excited by these developments, and look forward to continued support and expansion in the coming year.

Please take a look at the census I've just uploaded under "The Data" (it's in the section called Data, at #3--not very creative, I know!). As always, if you find any mistakes, I'd be grateful for a message.


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