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For the love of libraries

Happy 2019 to all! We just launched in September, 2018, and the last few months have been very productive. I've been collecting data for several years, and was finally able to obtain some help last semester, which meant that I could share that data with the public.

As the other pages note, I've worked on pre-modern libraries for some time. This project is about both libraries and their books--how they were collected, who wrote and printed them, who used them, etc. It's ambitious, so it will be unfolding for a long time. I welcome not only the emails I've had telling me about similar projects in other parts of the world, but comments on and corrections to the database (see the files posted at "The Data").

In the coming months, the EJLPP will continue, and expand. First, we're going to create a site at Georgia Southern University's Digital Commons. It won't be searchable and sortable in all the same cool ways that the Flickr site is, but it will have all of the photos to which I own the copyright. That will be the work of additional members of the team--Rudy Bond is still with us, and we're adding a couple more students whom I'll introduce you to soon. Second, we're going to keep collecting data, and to fill in some of the many blank columns in the spreadsheet. Third, I'm planning on a short research trip to Barcelona in the summer, and I hope to add both more data and more photos to the spreadsheet; meanwhile, I hope to be able to employ a student to transcribe and translate some of the marginal text. Fourth, I hope to work on some data analysis. I have several projects in mind here, but until I learn more about funding and available student assistants, I can't be sure how far that will go.

In the meantime, I would like to use this space for updates, research questions, and other issues related to the EJLPP. Thanks for reading, and please be sure to check us out on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram (links at the bottom of the page).

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