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Women Printers from Salamanca

N.B. General biographical information on the women included here can be found at one or more of the following publications or knowledge bases, which were used in collecting data for these vignettes.

16th Century

Arroyo, Antonia Ramírez de.  Widow of Juan Fernández, fl. 1581-1600; d. 1616.


Cosío, Diego, widow of.  1591-1680.  Widow of Diego de Cosío.  Name as yet unknown.


Junta/Giunta, Lucrecia.  Fl. 1577-1587.  Widow of Matías Gast.


17th Century

Muñoz, Susana.  Fl. 1610-1621.  Widow of either Francisco Cea or Artus Taberniel.

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