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Women Printers from Paris, 17th Century

(Research by Rachel Oliver [contributions identified with "RO"] and Baoxin Lau [contributions identified with "BL"]; writing by Baoxin Lau and Kathleen Comerford)

N.B. General biographical information on the women included here can be found at one or more of the following publications or knowledge bases, which were used in collecting data for these vignettes.


Ballin, Antoinette (1610 ?-1683).  Ballin is identified as a bookseller, born in Paris in 1610. She married the bookseller Pierre Lamy in 1632 and worked with him in Paris on rue de La Calenda. Lamy died in 1660.  Antoinette married the printer Louis Billaine in 1662 and worked in his shop on rue des Mathurins until he died in 1681. She did not marry a third time.

          French guild codes allowed a widow to take over the business after the death of the husband if she stayed single.  If she remarried, any subsequent marriages must be within the same profession in order for her to keep working  Ballin and others therefore often made subsequent marriages in the same profession. 



Arbour, Roméo. Dictionnaire des femmes libraires en France, 1470-1870. Geneva: Droz, 2003, here 316-317.

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