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Women Printers from Madrid, 18th Century

N.B. General biographical information on the women included here can be found at one or more of the following publications or knowledge bases, which were used in collecting data for these vignettes.

Arroyo, Isabel María de.  Fl. 1712-1730.  Widow of Juan García Infanzón, the elder.

Carrasco, Ana.  Fl. 1726-1730; possibly also fl. 1750-1774.  Widow of Blas de Villanueva.  Possibly also widow of Manuel Fernández, fl. 1723-1750.

Ezpeleta, Serafina.  Fl. 1699-1702/10.  Widow of Antonio Román.

Hierro, Francisco del, widow of.  Fl. 1730-1738.  Widow of Francisco del Hierro, d. 1730.  Birth name as yet unknown.  First name as yet unknown.  Life dates as yet unknown.

Marín, Antonio, widow of.  Fl. 1726-1770.  Widow of Antonio Marín.

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