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Women Printers from Burgos

(Research and writing by Adriana Smith [contributions identified with "AS"] and Kathleen Comerford.  Entries without attribution are by Kathleen Comerford)

N.B. General biographical information on the women included here can be found at one or more of the following publications or knowledge bases, which were used in collecting data for these vignettes.

  • books printed by these women

  • Consortium of European Research Libraries Thesaurus (general informationsearch page);

  • Bibliotheque nationale de France notices d’autorité

  • Biblioteca nacional de España Mujeres impresoras

  • Library of Congress Authorities

  • Iberian Books

Basilea, Isabel de (active 1517-1527).  Isabel de Basilea, also known as Elizabeth of Basel (1500-1562), was the daughter of the famous printer Friedrich (Fadrique) Biel (active 1472?-1517) from Basel and Isabel de la Fuente (active 1532). Her first marriage was to Alonso de Melgar (active 1517-1525; d. by 1526), who had worked in her father’s printing shop in Burgos. She inherited the business after her husband’s death, and printed one book in her own name.  Shortly after Melgar’s death, she married Juan de Junta (active 1526-1557, d. 1577) and had two children: Lucrecia Junta (1537-1587?), who married the printer Matías Gast (active c.1547-1577), and Felipe Junta (1530-1596), a printer. The couple worked in the printing shop in Burgos for many years before moving to Salamanca, where they also printed.  It is important to note that in the years between 1542 and 1557, Juan de Junta was traveling out of Spain, which left much of the family business under Isabel’s control.  When Junta died in 1557, Isabel and Lucrecia ran the Salamanca press, which passed to Lucrecia and Gast after Isabel's death.  Felipe handled the Burgos press.



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