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Women Printers from Alcalá de Henares

(Research by Rachel Oliver [contributions identified with "RO"] and Baoxin Lau [contributions identified with "BL"]; writing by Baoxin Lau and Kathleen Comerford)

Entries without attribution are by Kathleen Comerford

N.B. General biographical information on the women included here can be found at one or more of the following publications or knowledge bases, which were used in collecting data for these vignettes.

16th Century


Guillén, Maria de.  Dates unknown.  Wife of Miguel de Eguía, 1494-1558.


Rodríguez Rivalde, María.   Fl. 1587-1624.  Wife and widow of Juan Íñiguez de Lequerica.


Maria Ramirez (active 1587-1632). Alcala de Henares.  Maria Ramirez was married to the printer Juan Gracian. Upon his death in 1587, she took over the print shop and began printing as ‘viuda de [widow of] Juan Gracian” and as “heirs of Juan Gracian.”  Works printed in this shop were noted for typographic errors, due to the poor condition of her printing materials.

          She only printed under her own name once, in 1600: La selva de aventura, by Jeronimo de Contreras.

          RO, BL


Establés Susán, Sandra. Diccionario de mujeres impresoras y libreras de España e Iberoamérica entre los siglos XV y XVIII. Zaragoza: Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza, 2018, p. 421.

Zozaya, Maria de.  Dates unknown.  Widow of Arnaldo Guillén de Brocar, fl. 1492-1500; d. 1523.

17th Century


Salinas, Ana de.  Dates unknown.  Widow of Andrés Sánchez de Ezpleta, d. 1633?.



18th Century


García Briones, Maria.  Fl. 1744-1770.  Printed under her own name.

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